21 Government Conspiracies

21 historical facts that were once dismissed as Conspiracy Theories.

I’m always surprised when I meet anyone who doesn’t believe that government are involved in plots against the public. Here’s a list that should convince any skeptics that governments do in fact, conspire against, lie to and cover-up inconvenient facts from the public.

Government Conspiracy No.1

Operation Mockingbird

government conspiracy Operation Mockingbird
The CIA infiltrates top US news organizations by recruiting hundreds of assets at CBS, ABC, NBC, Time Magazine, Associated Press, Reuters and the Washington Post..

SEE: Operation Mockingbird

Government Conspiracy No.2

Operation Paperclip

government conspiracy Operation Paperclip
Following the end of World War 2, the OSS (precursor to the CIA) secretly alters war records of Nazi scientists and other war criminals in order to make them eligible for recruitment in the US.

SEE: Operation Paperclip

Government Conspiracy No.3

Operation Northwoods

government conspiracy Operation Northwoods
The US Joint Chiefs of Staff propose a series of false-flag operations which include blowing up American airliners and attack on warships to justify an invasion of Cuba.

SEE: Operation Northwoods

Government Conspiracy No.4

Project 112

government conspiracy Project 112
The Department of Defense tests the effects of Anthrax and other bioweapons as well as nerve gas and other chemical weapons on unsuspecting American soldiers

Project 112/Project SHAD, or Shipboard Hazard and Defense, was a series of tests conducted by the Department of Defense from 1962 to 1974. Servicemembers [SIC] participated in conducting the tests. The purpose was to determine the potential risks to U.S. warships and American forces from chemical and biological warfare agents.

~ Project 112/Project SHAD


Government Conspiracy No.5

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

government conspiracy Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
For 40 years, the US Health Department lies to around 400 poor African-Americans about receiving free treatment for their “bad blood”, when in reality, doctors are observing the effect of untreated Syphilis.

SEE: Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

Government Conspiracy No.6

Operation Gladio

government conspiracy Operation Gladio
Following the end of World War 2, NATO and other intelligence agencies set up a network of spies which conducts a series of terror campaigns throughout Europe.

SEE: Operation Gladio

Government Conspiracy No.7


government conspiracy COINTELPRO
The FBI begins surveilling, harassing, intimidating and even assassinating leaders of civil right movements and other left-leaning US organization.


Government Conspiracy No.8

Iran Contra

government conspiracy Iran Contra
The Department of Defense and the CIA provide Iran with arms in return for cash and hostages. The proceeds are used to fund black ops in South America.

SEE: Iran Contra

Government Conspiracy No.9

Project MK-Ultra

government conspiracy Project MK-Ultra
The CIA develops and experiments with LSD and other drugs in order to be able to extract the truth out of anyone and other mind-control applications.

SEE: Project MK-Ultra

Government Conspiracy No.10

Gulf of Tonkin

government conspiracy Gulf of Tonkin
The President of the United States escalated the war in Vietnam based on fabricated intelligence of a non-existent Vietnamese attack on US surveillance ship.

SEE: Gulf of Tonkin

Government Conspiracy No.11

Public School System

government conspiracy Public School System
John D. Rockefeller and other Robber Barons set about designing an education system which would provide corporations and the military with better, more obedient workers.

SEE: Rockefeller’s General Education Board and Illuminati and the Role of Public Education (offsite CARTOON!)

Government Conspiracy No.12

Cannabis Conspiracy

government conspiracy Cannabis Conspiracy
US Secretary of the Treasury and his nephew-in-law and head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotic, Harry Anslinger conspire to pass the unconstitutional 1937 Marijuana Tax Act, effectively outlawing the cultivation of hemp in the United States.

SEE: The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Government Conspiracy No.13

Attack on Pearl Harbor

government conspiracy Attack on Pearl Harbor
Despite intelligence indicating that a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was imminent, the Roosevelt White House chooses not to inform the commander of the Pacific Fleet or the base’s commander.

SEE: Attack on Pearl Harbor

Government Conspiracy No.14

Lavon Affair

government conspiracy Lavon Affair
Israeli intelligence disguise as Arabs plants bombs in British and American properties in Cairo. The false-flag operation goal is to obtain Western support for Israel’s war against Egypt.

SEE: Lavon Affair

Government Conspiracy No.15

NSA Surveillance

government conspiracy NSA Surveillance
Edward Snowdon releases documents on whistleblowing site wikileaks documenting the NSA’s massive surveillance programs of foreign heads of states and corporations, diplomats and civilians including illegaling collecting data and spying on US citizens.

SEE: NSA Surveillance

Government Conspiracy No.16


government conspiracy Operation PBSUCCESS
Guatemalan President is assassinated by the CIA after privatizing unused United Fruit Company lands to give to poor farmers. Guatemala reimburses UFC for the land based on value given in the company’s fraudulent tax returns.


Government Conspiracy No.17

Federal Reserve Act of 1913

government conspiracy Federal Reserve Act of 1913
A small group of bankers make plans for a privately-held central banking system which would appear governmental and decentralized. Days before Christmas, a mostly-empty Congress passes the act creating the Federal Reserve.

SEE: Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and Secret Jekyll Island Meeting

Government Conspiracy No.18

Prohibition and Poisoning of Alcohol

government conspiracy Prohibition and Poisoning of Alcohol
To prevent redistilling industrial alcohol into a drinkable format, the US Treasury begins ordering alcohol manufacturers to add poisons such as formaldehyde, mercury, acetone, and finally methyl alcohol to their products eventually killing thousands of Americans.

SEE: The Chemist’s War

Government Conspiracy No.19

Testimony of Nurse Nayirah

government conspiracy Testimony of Nurse Nayirah
In order to sell the war on Iraq to the American public, the government of Kuwait hires the public firm of Hill and Knowlton. The firm hires actors to give false-testimony to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. The speech is later used by Bush to justify an attack on Iraq.

SEE: Testimony of Nurse Nayirah

Government Conspiracy No.20

Operation AJAX

government conspiracy Operation AJAX
Following the privatization of British oil interest, MI6 and the CIA join forces to overthrow the democratic Mossadegh government and install the Shah of Iran and his brutal regime.

SEE: Operation AJAX

Government Conspiracy No.21

CIA complicity in Global Drug Trade

government conspiracy CIA complicity in Global Drug Trade
Agents of the CIA routinely facilitate,s gives cover to and actively participates in drug running operations in order to develop assets. for private gains or to provide funds for black operations.

SEE: Gary Webb, the C.I.A. and the Crack Epidemic and Crack and the CIA.